The possibly biggest antique market in Japan

When people ask me where to find good antiques and vintages items in Japan, I always find it hard to give a straight answer. Sometimes the reaction is something like "it's okay, you do no need to reveal your sources." But this is not really the case. The long answer would be, to find good antiques and vintages items you have to keep looking for them. That is part of the fun. The best thing I fins far away from Tokyo from private people or very small shops that sell all kinds of stuff as well.

I have posted about markets before that are dedicated to antique. Here is a high density of good stuff, but it comes with a mark-up, like the Oedo Antique market.

Not many foreigners go here. So be prepared to be filmed. I have been interviewed every single time I have been there so far.


  • Where? Tokyo Big Sight
  • When? Twice a year, usally July/August and January. January 2019 dates are 11th until 13th.
  • Cost? It's 1000 JPY to get inside but on the last day after 13:00 it is free and you might even get a super bargain when sellers start packing up
  • Homepage: Only Japanese -the dates are shown on the top as they are announced. For more English information have a look at metropolis or best

Have fun, ask me any questions and let me know how it was!