Tapestry with bird

Tapestry with bird


A stunningly beautiful, old indigo dyed tapestry with a round bird symbol in the middle. This is one of the oldest pieces of our collection: it was estimated to be older than 170 years. Three round marks are family crests called kamon, usually they are much simpler and not as elaborate as this symbol. Notice how three different color shades are used. It is meant to be hung on wooden stick a shown in the picture.


Late Edo period, around 1850s from Tokyo


Cotton homespun and hand-loomed. All natural dyeing techniques.


113x125 cm

44,5x48,2 inch


  • Great condition of fabric

  • Can be used without concerns to display

  • Vivid blue colors with resit-dye multiple color technique

  • Despite its old age, the fabric is free from any musty scent as it has been professionally cleaned and carefully ironed to preserve the organic dye.


  • Real antique 170 year old tapestry

  • Vivid organic indigo dye

  • Exceptional item in outstanding condition

  • Rare and unique find

  • For easier shipping we do not include the stick

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