Patched indigo scarf

Patched indigo scarf


This is a long, beautiful panel of indigo-dyed cotton. A little mended several times, it was bought to be used to fix another piece of utility or to be sashiko-stitched together with other panels to create something. But as at least a century has passed, that day never came. The dye has a beautiful fade in its color, something that today is artificially created in jeans using chemical dyes. Today these fabrics are extremely rare. It makes for a beautiful accessory such as an elegant neck scarf. It also displays well from either side - one is patched up while the other is plain azure blue.


Meiji, around 1890


Cotton homespun and hand-loomed. All natural dyeing techniques.


34 x 180 cm

0,2 kg


  • The fabric has been professionally cleaned and carefully ironed to preserve the organic dye.
  • Solid indigo with a light fade
  • Several small patches
  • Beautiful as accessory such as a neck scarf
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