Large blue boro with 'doro' patches

Large blue boro with 'doro' patches


A beautiful, harmonic assembly of blue and brown patches that have been stitched together as a light blanket. The side that used to be the outside oozes of harmony, while the inside is an artful patchwork creation of various fabrics. This cloth is only one layer, which is quite unusual and gives it a marvelous, thin quality. If hung up, sunlight shines through the fabric. 


Meiji period, around 1890s. Bought in Tokyo, unknown origin.


Cotton homespun and hand-loomed. All natural dyeing techniques.


150x 175 cm 

59,1  x 68,9 in

1 kg / 2,2 lbs


  • Great condition of fabric
  • Wonderful to display or use
  • Vivid blue colors with different colored patches
  • The fabric has been professionally cleaned and carefully ironed to preserve the organic dye


  • Large and clean
  • Beautiful fade of indigo color
  • Displays well from both sides
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