Excellent 150 year old temple flag

Excellent 150 year old temple flag


A 150-year-old dark blue temple flag. This is the oldest piece in our collection, dating back to the Edo period. Judging from the condition you could not suspect its age. However, the writing reveals the history behind this beautiful piece. It was hung in a shrine named "Kankoku-ji" in Shibata City, Niigata, built in 1185. The flag was made from extremely precious cotton and the writing on it says "August 1855". It has been stored well, presumably by the high priests who celebrated Obon. The age and condition make this fabric extremely rare. It makes for a beautiful accessory, such as an elegant neck scarf. It also displays well from either side - one is patched up while the other is plain azure blue.


350 cm x 32 cm

137,8 in x 12,6 in

200 g

0,5 lbs

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