Dark faded Kendo Jacket

Dark faded Kendo Jacket


To become a samurai, one had to learn "kenjutsu“. This formal exercise is a martial art using wooden bamboo swords. Today it is called kendo and is practiced to strengthen character, determination, discipline and moral. The jackets we offer here are traditional kendo jackets. They are between 20 and 50 years old. Made of thickly-embroidered cotton sashiko fabric and organic dye, they are a beautiful example of surviving traditional craftsmanship. The sophisticated indigo dying process builds a layer around the cotton molecules (while chemical dyes "break“ them) and thus provides the fabric extra strength. What we love about these jackets is that as with all our products, they carry their history visually on the surface, or on their sleeve if you will. The years of practice, sometimes decades, have given the jackets a unique fade. These jackets can be worn without concern. They are highly durable and fashionable pieces of individual clothing.



Shoulder: 55 cm / 21,7 in

Chest: 54 cm / 21,3 in

Length: 74 cm / 29,1 in

Sleeve: 30 cm / 11,8 in

Sleeve: Opening 18 cm / 7,1 in

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