Dark navy blue indigo blanket

Dark navy blue indigo blanket


A very large patched up dark blue blanket with a beautiful resist dye ideograph in the center. The character in the middle (below) means “Middle” or “Balance”. There is a stylized roof on top of it, so it could mean “balance or harmony at home”. It could also be the name of a family with that Japanese character in their name, such as “Tanaka”. The fabric is heavy in good condition. The hem is sashiko-stitched with white cotton, which gives the whole fabric a frame and a very nice finish.


Meiji period, around 1890s. Kawagoe, central Japan.


Cotton homespun and hand-loomed. All natural dyeing techniques.


190 x 200 cm

74,8 x 78,7 in

0,9 kg / 2,0 lbs


  • The fabric has been professionally cleaned and carefully ironed to preserve the organic dye. Using traditional methods, some minor repairs have been made to strengthen the frame of the fabric.
  • Great condition of thick fabric
  • Wonderful to display
  • Vivid dark blue color with sashiko stitching on the sides with several patches


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