Large Curtain with Hanami Motive

Large Curtain with Hanami Motive


A beautiful antique room divider or entrance curtain (noren) with traditional ornamentation and cherry blossom motive in sashiko stitching. The fabric is in absolutely perfect condition and can be used without any concerns. There are a few faded parts of the indigo color, virtually the only indication that this piece of cotton is antique. We suspect that it has either been somewhere where it was not exposed a lot, like a temple, or that it has not been used long and was put into storage for decades. A truly exceptional find. Noren are traditional Japanese fabric dividers, hung between rooms, on walls, in doorways, or in windows.


Late Meiji, early Showa period, around 1920. Osaka area.


Cotton and hemp, homespun and hand-loomed. Sashiko ornamentation. All natural dyes.


  • 85 x 138 cm
  • 33,5 x 54,3 ft
  • 0,4 kg
  • 0,9 lbs


  • Despite its old age, the fabric is free from any musty scent as it has been professionally cleaned and carefully ironed to preserve the organic dye
  • Exceptionally great condition
  • Great blue-white contrast
  • Cane be used without concerns
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