What is Japan Boro Vintage?

Japan Boro Vintage is a Japanophilia collection of vintage high quality items and an online boutique located in Japan. We specialize in items that have become known as "boro" outside of Japan. Roughly, this translates to "battered" or "wittered" and is often used to describe antique items such as cloth or wood. We believe the beauty of these things lie in their patina, which is often marked by years of intensive care, mending, and refurbishment. To artful souls, the aesthetic beauty of these items serves as a philosophical reminder of the age of scarcity.

How do you get the products?

Acquisition and refurbishment is time-consuming. Products are acquired from all over Japan, often from small markets and local traders. I am fascinated by items that do not hide their history and age. They remind me of something important and it is my pleasure to share this passion with others. I only buy cloth of very high quality, products that have a history or story that touches me, or items which are special and artistically appealing to us.

All items sold have been made handmade, before the word "organic" even existed because everything back then was organic. They are colored with traditional vegetable dye that preserves and develops its beauty over time. The majority of products sold here were made between the years 1850 and 1920, which roughly corresponds to the Meiji period - a time of fundamental change in Japan. All items have been professionally handled with the utmost care to preserve their material quality and make them ready to be used for further centuries to come. Despite its old age, the fabric is free from any musty scent as it has been professionally cleaned and carefully ironed to preserve the organic dye. Using traditional organic methods, tiny repairs may have been made to strengthen the fabric. Quality is guranteed.